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Export Regulations HR Technology: Time To Automate!

By Jim Sweeney
Today, employers have at their disposal various employee selection tools such as background checks, drug testing, assessments and reference checking.

Of these solutions, reference checking tends to get the least attention or the lease effort. Generally it is because most employers do it the old fashion way which is highly unproductive and less effective.

The old fashion way involves calling reference, playing phone tag, receiving little or no valuable information and generally prolonging the hiring cycle. As a result it often get ignored or is done haphazardly.

Isn’t there a better way?

Of course there is. One of the true values of HR technology is when a solution can change a cumbersome and inefficient practice into quick and productive method of selecting quality employees. Skill Survey is an excellent example of technology that provides fantastic results.

For the HR person, it simply requires inputting the candidates name and email address. The system does the rest. The system will generate an email to the candidate with a link. Clicking the link allows the candidate to insert references and their email addresses. The system then sends each reference a job specific survey that takes about 10 minutes for them to fill out. When the references are complete, email notification is received and a report can be generated.

Generally there is a 75 % response rate with 24 to 48 hours. The information is collated into one report and you can see how the candidate is evaluated by the references. References are known, but you cannot tell how each reference individually scored the subject. Key features of this automated process:

  • You can require both past supervisors and peers and comparison is delineated on the report.
  • Each reference is presented with the same job specific questions.
  • Customized questions can be insert.
  • Unlimited references for one price.
  • It doesn’t prevent you from calling a reference for follow up.
  • It has built in safeguards to prevent fraudulent references.
  • Takes very little time and effort and is more consistent than calling reference.

I have been around the shredding industry for 15 years and actually owned a mobile shredding company at one point. I have also been around the employee screening industry for more than 25 years and I have seen some distinct similarities. Everything is moving towards automating our processes.

Like our equipment, we want our employees to be reliable and dependable assets that operate smoothly and efficiently day after day. But with equipment, if things go wrong we fall back on warranties and often times receive guaranteed replacements. This is the reason so much time, effort and money goes into selecting the best equipment. It seems logical to bring this same mind set to the hiring process.

If you had to spend about $40 extra on a piece of shredding equipment that netted you a better product, it increased your efficiency, it lasted longer and enhanced your reputation, would you spend the $40.00? Without a doubt! So why not spend another $40 on automating the hiring of a new employee that showed the same return.

Jim Sweeney is the President of Inquirehire, Inc. Inquirehire is a member of NAID and a leading provider of employees screening solutions to the document destruction industry. Jim can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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