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Export Regulations The Biker Woman and the Brownies Story

By Jay Wallus
2 weeks ago, I get a call from an insurance agent looking for shredding of 17 boxes. Not a big sale at all, but since I was only 4 miles away at the time, I drove over. I walk in the one person office, the place reeks of cigarette smoke (against state law) and I'm wondering why I took the time to stop by...

Anyway, after some pleasantries I write up the order and per my usual system, I send the person a card with a picture that I find on their website on the front thanking them with 2 brownies - $7.97 total.

I look on her website and see that she likes Harleys. In fact, I found a picture of her sitting on a Harley and I put it in the card with a voice bubble coming out of her mouth that says "I Shred With Jay" and send it off with some brownies.

Last week, thinking nothing of it and going about my business, I get another call from a guy who says that he got referred by one of his friends about shredding. He gives me his name and address and I head up there.

Long story short, the parent company is called HPL Corp (not the real name) which is why I didn't recognize the company when I pulled up. It was actually a Harley Davidson dealership with over 475 boxes to be shredded ($2850.00)! As I was writing up the order, I told him about our regularly scheduled service with its compliance package and he said that he was sick and tired of the shredders breaking down - another order - 2 cabinets once every 2 weeks - $64.95 per pick up - x 26 pickups a year ($1688.70 a year)! Year 1 in this place $4500.00+. Not bad for sending an $8.00 gift - huh?

Now, how on earth did the guy find out about me?

Yup, you guessed it. The biker woman who I sent the brownies to. SHE PUT A PICTURE OF THE CARD AND BROWNIES ON FACEBOOK AND SHARED IT WITH ALL OF HER FRIENDS (1000+)! My Harley GM said that he was going to be looking for a shredding vendor and figured why not go with a referral and on the FB post my biker woman said that it was the most thoughtful thing she ever got from a vendor.

It gets better...

I found out that she is in the Motorcycle Hall of Fame and is the GURU when it comes to motorcycle insurance...So..what did I do? I took a picture of the Harley dealership GM - sent him a card and some brownies and also sent another box to the biker woman. Here's what she emailed me last week…

"Hey Jay!

Thanks for another GREAT card and more brownies! I'm glad my friend (Mike) at XYZ Harley called you! AWESOME!!! I scanned the card and brownies you sent me and posted it on Facebook!! I'll do the same for this one and see what other business we can steer your way! :*) "

Now, I hope by reading this story you FINALLY understand that you are NOT in the shredding business - you're in the emotion business. Good luck out there!

- Jay

Jay Wallus is an “in the trenches” salesperson in the shredding industry with an unusually creative mind when it comes to marketing to his prospects and clients. He’s happy to help others in the shredding industry by sharing what he’s developed. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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