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  • Security Shredding & Storage News is the only industry trade journal delivering nearly saturate (more than 95%) coverage of both the document & product destruction market and the records & media storage industry.

  • Security Shredding & Storage News provides advertisers the opportunity to deliver their sales message to nearly every shredding contractor and records & media storage facility owner in North America.

  • Security Shredding & Storage News is distributed at more industry-related trade shows than NAID News or SDB magazine.

  • Security Shredding & Storage News offers advertisers greater visibility for less money. Because we are a newsletter, our total folio size will not exceed 28 pages. By maintaining a smaller folio, with shorter articles, we encourage readers to read our journal as soon as they receive it.

  • Security Shredding & Storage News is sent to both members and non-members of the PRISM, NAID, ASIS and ARMA associations, creating a cost-effective avenue for reaching the entire market.

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Shredding machinery to cost-effectively meet your waste reduction and recycling needs.
Shredding machinery to cost-effectively meet your waste reduction and recycling needs.

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